Has your marriage gotten more difficult, less appreciative, and seemingly less fair since having kids?

Do you resent being the default parent, and then feel guilty for resenting it?

Are you a married mom overwhelmed by the mental load of caring for your family - and the invisible nature of the mental load?

We need open, creative, loving, flawed moms who are willing to get honest and real about the marriage they want to belong to. The Balanced Partnership Process is for married moms ready to do some self-reflection and dig deep for the internal resources to approach conscious change.

Let’s learn how to ask for what we need (and get crystal clear on what that is!). Let’s explore the most constructive, least damaging way to disagree with our partners. Let’s allow ourselves to let go of everything out of our control.

We are going to get there - together.

In this six week pilot coaching group, you will:

-get clarity about what matters to you in your partnership

-design a plan to move on the pressure points that cause friction for you

-use tools and resources to support better distribution of responsibility

-grow with other moms who are working toward their own goals