Sunday evenings 8-9:30 p.m.

March 31-May 26

Ready, Set, Kids!

Divine Mamas is a sacred container of healing, coaching, and intuitive development, for anyone in a nurturing role in their life. Based on a blend of blessed community, rituals, meditation, coaching and spirit medicine (breathwork, oil anointing, and sound healing) our program leads participants to a deeper connection with their divine feminine power. Participants will honor themselves through self-care and self-mothering, and celebrate the gifts, lessons and perfection that comes from showing up just as you are. As mothering encompasses acts such as birthing, producing, caring for and protecting others, all who mother in some way are welcome among us.

Facilitators Melanie Axman and Melissa Merres are local business-owning mamas. Melanie is an intuitive healer and reiki practitioner who runs 444 Intuitive Healing, where she serves people seeking a deeper connection with their own divinity ( Melissa is a certified professional coach who supports people to develop strong integrity, healthy boundaries, and effective communication (